Blizzard employees are demanding fair pay and more sick time on company Slack

Blizzard employees have taken to the company Slack to organise a list of requests for management. This is after employees started a spreadsheet to share salaries, listing recent pay increases (or the lack thereof) and comparing salaries between disciplines and departments.

An internal survey in 2019 showed that more than half of Blizzard workers were unhappy with their compensation. This prompted the company to perform a study to ensure fair pay. That study and its results were implemented last month, which started an outcry on the company’s Slack boards. One employee started a spreadsheet of compensation information, asking others to add their information. Most of the raises are below 10%.

Some employees are frustrated, battling to make ends meet while watching Activision Blizzard revenue grow year on year. A recent report on Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick getting compensation worth more than $40 million in 2019 is also brought up, with someone adding Kotick’s annual salary, bonus and stock award to the spreadsheet.

Blizzard just released its Q2 financial results, announcing second quarter revenue growing 38% to $1.93 billion.

Blizzard employees are now creating a list of demands, which is the closest thing to a semblance of a union in a major video games company. Some of the demands are for fair pay or increased sick time.

Activision Blizzard replied to Bloomberg’s reports on the matter: “We will continue to adapt our compensation to build and keep the workforce our company needs today and tomorrow,” Dustin Blackwell, a spokesman for Blizzard. “We understand that some Blizzard employees have specific requests, and we look forward to hearing from them directly.”

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