Mortal Shell gets a release date and it is very soon

When Mortal Shell was announced a couple of months ago, it piqued the interest of just about every Souls Like fan out there. The game is set in a dark, grim and mysterious fantasy world that seems to be teaming with lore as well as challenging gameplay. And yesterday, developer Cold Symmetry drop a trailer and an 18 August release date on us.

Up until now, PC players have received most of the attention, with a beta running on the platform a month ago. But it seems the developers didn’t forget about the console players, as it will release on both Xbox One and PS4 as well. The beta, which was originally meant to be by invite only was eventually opened to all PC players and was generally very well received, with Cold Symmetry taking a lot of feedback from the community on board.

Mortal Shell is made by a very small team of developers, but still looks incredibly well-made and slick production. I can’t wait to dive into the cold, relentless world they have made for me come 18 August 2020.

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