Yakuza Empire is part management sim, part turn-based shooter

Yakuza Empire is a turn-based strategy game by indie studio RockGame S.A. Get ready to become the head of an empire, doing whatever is necessary to look after your criminal organisation.

Unlike Sega’s Yakuza line of games, this title focuses on the violence and bloodshed required to keep a crime empire healthy and ahead of the opposition. The trailer shows it all, really. Execution-style shootings, baseball bats, katanas, knives and explosives are showcased, as well as torturing in-between smuggling runs.

To ensure you can handle this dangerous lifestyle, you will have to manage your base, hiring new people, training them in various skills and the like, so that they can survive the next mission.

Yakuza Empire has no release date yet, but it looks like something to keep an eye on.

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