Check out Cyberpunk 2077’s guns and origin stories

While we wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to take us away to Night City, CD Projekt is helping us pass the time by showing off the various guns and life paths in the game.

When starting the game, you can pick your background, deciding what you were up to before the game kicks off. You can pick from Street Kid, Nomad or Corpo, giving your character a slightly different outlook on things, and possibly a few connections somewhere in the game.

Street Kids know the alleys and underside of Night City. They have slipped through the cracks in society and have seen what oozes beneath the surface. Nomads are the outcasts, meaning life in the city will be new, fresh and wholly overcrowded for them. Meanwhile, Corpos know all about business and dealing with the megalithic corporations, about the pursuit of profit and protecting company interests.

These life paths will open up dialogue options and progression routes through missions, meaning they give you more than just a little bit of back story.

For when things need more than some sneaking or fast talking to solve, you are going to have a whole host of guns to take your enemies down. Guns fall into three broad categories: First we have the Power Weapons, which behave a lot like how present day firearms work, but with nicer ricochet. Then there are Tech Weapons which punch straight through solid objects to ruin someone’s day. Then there are the Smart Weapons, which track targets for you, hitting a runner or someone hiding away.

Using weapons well will depend on the skills of V, with better reload speeds and higher accuracy coming with time and levels. On top of that, there are different rarities of weapons as well as weapon modifications, both as physical attachments and software mods to stats.

It sounds like there will be a lot to dig into, and enough dials and knobs to make extra playthroughs worth it to enjoy the other paths. Once November finally rolls around, that is. Until then, we keep watching Night City Wire.

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