Fall Guys to receive its first (big) update today

It’s a game that has seemingly taken the world by storm thanks to its welcoming bright pick-up-and-play nature, a very clever social media marketing team and its free availability for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Of course, as with most online-only games (especially those that are way more popular than was generally predicted), there have been a few issues since launch. The server issues have actually been dealt with relatively quickly and most of the time I have logged on, I’ve had a pretty stable experience. Also, yesterday we brought you the news that the team is tackling speedhackers more efficiently.

And the Mediatonic team is still hard at work at improving the experience even more. Yesterday, their twitter account posted the news that a new update would be going live today which would not only add a new level (Jump Showdown – from the beta) into the general rotation, but also included a patch, fixing some obvious bugs, glitches and even balancing out some of the final round level weightings. It’s so great to see how much work is going into making this game as enjoyable as possible. Now if only we could do something about some of the team games and an easier way to spot your teammates when you join as a party… I’m sure those changes will be coming soon too.

For a full breakdown of all the changes be sure to check out their thread by following the link below:

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