Minecraft Dungeons will get more merchants and daily missions next month

Next month is a pretty busy one for Minecraft Dungeons, with something new for everyone in the free features list, as well as a paid expansion.

In the free content list, an update will add Daily Trials, which includes “wild changes to the game mechanics which provide difficult, experimental or fun challenges for you to overcome.”

New merchants will join the campsite, including an item upgrading NPC as well as a Gift Wrapper, who lets your turn items into presents to gift in multiplayer games. The existing merchants will also start selling better gear to give you more options for spending those emeralds.

On the paid-for front, the Creeping Winter expansion arrives on September 8. Get ready to hit the frozen tundra for new loot, new enemies and some tricky new challenges. Icy pathways will be slippery and probably result in quite a few trips over a steep edge. Hopefully the new loot is worth it.

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