Nintendo’s next Indie World showcase is coming later today but Sports Story isn’t likely to feature

Yesterday, Nintendo’s various twitter accounts burst into life late in the afternoon to reveal that we’d be getting another IndieWorld showcase. The 20-minute(-or-so)-long show is due to air later today (6 pm SA Time) and will feature several Indie titles coming to the Switch. We covered the last Indie World Showcase back in March and while you shouldn’t expect ANY first-party announcements – the show back then did reveal some great Indie games that would usually fly under the radar so we’re hoping for more of the same.

Unfortunately, less than an hour later we also learned that one of the most-anticipated Indies, Sports Story (the previously-teased sequel to Golf Story), had been delayed indefinitely and will therefore probably not be shown later today. The title was originally slated to launch sometime this year, however, as per the update from developer Sidebar Games the game has become “rather ambitious” and so the team has decided to “take some more time to work on Sports Story and ensure that everything makes it into the game.”

Of course, the initial gut-reaction to a delay for a game you are looking forward to is a disappointment, however, taking into consideration what the world has been like over the last few months and the fact that the team is aiming to deliver an even better game, we’re happy to work on our patience. In the meantime, be sure to tune in here to watch the Indie World Showcase later today.

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