Untitled Goose Game will soon have you taunting in twos

Yesterday, during Nintendo’s Indie World presentation we got a look at quite a few games – several of which are now available. In case you missed it, you can watch the full twenty-three-minute show here. However, the final revelation was about one of the surprisingly ‘big’ Indie games from last year… Untitled Goose Game.

The unlikely antihero Goose proved very popular with players and critics alike and it was revealed yesterday that the game would be getting a free multiplayer update. Due on the 23rd of September, the game will now feature a two-player co-op option. Whether there will be new levels or other new content wasn’t specifically mentioned, but even just the two-player mode should be a fun addition nonetheless. Solving the fiendish puzzles and creating mayhem as you ‘taunt in twos’ will likely provide enough for fans to jump back into the game.

The update will be available on the Switch, Steam and itch.io and although there was no specific mention of it during the show we’d expect the PS4 and Xbox One to receive the update then or soon after too.

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