Wasteland 3’s co-op offerings seem mighty fine

Later this week, InXile’s new RPG Wasteland 3 will be ready to send us all on a long journey into post-apocalypse, and because everyone plays games at their own pace, the game will have a few clever options for co-op.

If you plan on playing the whole game together, you can both start the game in co-op, with each player making a Ranger hero to explore Colorado. Or load up your single-player save and invite your friend to take control of some of your squad. The host decides who and how many squaddies the co-op friend gets, and they drive the car on the world map. The person joining in can join in on conversations, start their own and do their own shopping and looting.

This is where things get really interesting. Both players get a save game of that session, and either player can choose to continue in single-player mode from that save. Who knows what happens next, because you might make different choices, creating saves that look like diverging timelines.

This is great for if you just wanted to dabble and get hooked, or in case you can’t play games at the same time as your co-op partner, but still want to play the game.

Oh, and you can spread rumours about each other, and hand in quests to opposing factions in co-op, causing a little mayhem.

Wasteland 3 is out on August 28 on PC and Xbox One.

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