Ghost of Tsushima becomes the best selling digital new IP for PlayStation

Ghost of Tsushima took the world by surprise when it released last month, most not expecting it to be as good as it is. Well because of that, it has now become the game with the highest number of digital sales for a new IP for PlayStation with 1.9 million units.

According to a report by, it managed to outsell Horizon Zero Dawn, which took two months to reach that number and was seen as the best selling console game of July. Paper Mario: Origami King sold 555,000 units for July, which still isn’t bad considering the smaller install base of the Nintendo Switch and it being a bit more of a niche title.

What is really interesting is the number of digital copies sold of Ghost of Tsushima, with nearly three-quarters of it’s 2.4 million copies sold on digital. That current climate of social distancing certainly will have an impact on such figures, but it also shows people don’t really care where they get the games, as long as they can get it. It also shows that there’s a definite market for the Digital-Only version of the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Either way, a lot of people are getting to experience Ghost of Tsushima, which isn’t a bad thing, and with the free multiplayer mode coming in later this year, there’s a lot to be excited about.

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