Fall Guys raises $1 million for charity by offering in-game costumes

Last month, Mediatonic decided to take the wave of enthusiasm and attention that Fall Guys was getting and turn it into something good.

A challenge was made to raise money for SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity. SpecialEffect works to help people with physical disabilities to play games. It was pretty simple, any brand or individual that donated the most would get their costume design added to the game. The challenge raised $1 million.

Now Mediatonic is working on four new costumes to represent G2 Esports, Aimlab, Ninja and MrBeast, the winners of the content.

Fall Guys is the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever and has sold over seven million copies on Steam. It is almost like we all needed to just try an obstacle course, even though we are all clumsy.

SpecialEffect founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan says they are blown away by the generosity, and that the money will greatly help keep services running, and that more people are now aware of their services thanks to the publicity of the auction.

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