Watch Dogs: Legion shows off gritty London with ray tracing

Ray tracing is the next big thing to show off in games and Ubisoft wants you to see how good Watch Dogs: Legion looks with great lighting effects.

This trailer shows off some of the locations players will be trying to save from oppression, or to go looking for more people to recruit to the cause. From areas full of rubbish and detritus of Camden to the bright colours of Soho and Chinatown, Watch Dogs: Legion is full of some amazing sights and lots of places to show off some gorgeous lighting.

From neon signs reflecting in puddles to large glowing dragons and lit-up old cathedrals, there is a serious amount of eye candy on offer. Even the grungey areas show how large areas of shadow will be perfect for stealthy missions.

Just don’t get caught because you are too busy admiring the various reflections. You can always go back and marvel once everyone is unconscious or dead.

Watch Dogs: Legion releases on 29 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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