Marvel’s Avengers beta is the most downloaded beta on PS4

During the month of August, everyone got a chance to download and play the beta of the upcoming superhero game, Marvel’s Avengers. The beta became extremely popular it seems, as Square Enix announced that it became the most downloaded beta in PlayStation 4 history.

It comes as little surprise though, as the Avengers brand has become massive over the last decade thanks to the MCU. Square Enix also has a partnership with PlayStation on this game, giving players on that platform early access to the game over their PC and Xbox brethren. PlayStation players also enjoy some other benefits when the game launches like exclusive skins and character cosmetics, as well as the Sony-owned Spider-Man DLC.

Marvel’s Avengers became available on Early Access for Deluxe Edition pre-orders on 1 September and will be available to play for everyone else come tomorrow (4 September).

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