Sean Murray confirms Hello Games have started working on their next ‘big’ game

Hello Games is probably a developer you’ve heard of. You may even know Sean Murray (the ex-EA employee who founded Hello Games). Unfortunately, to many (myself included) they became household names through the now famously disastrous launch of No Man’s Sky. While their big pre-launch promises fell flat when people got their hands on the game (and that usually spells death for your game), uniquely the Hello Games team did the impossible and slowly but surely updated the game, turning it into a rather special success story.

Yesterday, Russ Frushtick (writing for Polygon) published a really interesting interview with Sean Murray. They touched on various topics, but specifically about, the importance of ‘not just doing sequels’, how the Hello Games team has grown over the last few years and what the team has learned from their quite unique recent history. The article really is worth a read. However, as is sometimes the case with such interviews, we also occasionally get one or two interesting tidbits that are either quite surprising or perhaps whet our appetite for what’s in the pipeline.

This time around I found it quite cool to learn that their smaller, recently-released game (that’s currently getting quite a lot of hype) The Last Campfire was made by just 3 our of the 26 current employees. To add to that, Murray also confirmed that while a part of the rest of the team is still working on No Man’s Sky, the rest have just started their next larger-scale project. Of course, it’s too early to get much more information than that – but even knowing what the team is working on something new (considering how ambitious No Man’s Sky turned out being) is still rather exciting.

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