Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct dazzles with several announcements

For big Mario fans (like me) yesterday was a pretty special day. Not only did we finally get official confirmation and more information about our favourite plumber’s long-rumoured special 35th Anniversary, but we were even treated to a surprise Direct. It ran for approximately 15 minutes and was chock-full of great announcements. If you’re a fan (and even if you’re not) I urge to watch the presentation to feel the full effect of all the marvellous Mario content and we’ve included the link below. However, here are a few of the highlights:

Commemorative Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Starting off with a true nostalgia hit, Nintendo revealed a special commemorative Game & Watch console that will not only feature a retro Game & Watch: Ball game but a full-colour version of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. And of course, a digital clock. Coming 13 November 2020.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

One of those long-rumoured “coming to Switch” Wii U ports was finally confirmed and while it doesn’t get the traditional ‘Deluxe’ moniker, a ‘plus Bowser’s Fury’ promises Super Mario 3D World will be getting something extra when it makes its way onto Nintendo’s current hybrid. Available 12 February 2021.

Super Mario All-Stars 2D Collection

The wonderful NES/SNES four 2D game collection is now available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers – you can find it in the SNES section.

Super Mario Bros. 35 aka Mario-Fortnite

Yup, it’s the battle royale game you never knew you needed. Play a ‘suped-up’ of the original Super Mario Bros. against 34 other players around the world. Toggle power-ups, send enemies to your competitors and be the last to survive. Launches on the “1st of October as a digital-only title and will be available to download and play for a limited time until March 31st, 2021“.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

What do you get when you combine LABO, what looks like Augmented-Reality, a modern Scalextric-style toys-to-life collection and the best kart racer around? Well, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. And Nintendo shows once again why they’re one of the most creative companies around. You really want to see the video on this one… Available 16 October 2020.

And one more thing… Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Now I know this is one that was rumoured for ages. However, it still felt too good to be true. Sure it’s not the perfect collection; Where is Galaxy 2? Why is it a” limited release” until the end of March 2021? However, not only has does this package include 3 full games (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy), but we’re getting it on September 18 (yup, just over two weeks away). Plus, they’re all getting higher resolutions, widescreen updates, additional gameplay tweaks and possibly best of all the collection will also include a Super Mario Music Player. Yup, not sure if you can tell, but I’m rather excited.

And if that wasn’t enough there were a few other announcements including more commercial partnerships with clothing and boardgame companies, Mario-themed events for Splatoon 2, Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and even two new Amiibo. Like I said… please watch it. Just click on the link below…

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