World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta access giveaway winners are all gonna die

Well done, you lucky ten souls, brave champions of Azeroth. Your characters are passing through the veil of Death, and the Shadowlands await you.

We asked for people to be creative, to entertain and some of you really did. Once we chopped out people who put in zero effort, and the few that didn’t provide actual tags, there were still so many choice morsels. Picking only 10 was pretty tough, but here we are.

Our winners are:

Kalle, Julian, Nexiz, Tudor, Elizabeth, Oleg, Marc, Nick, James and Fabian!

Congratulations to all 10 of you. Your tags are on the way to Blizzard now to get flagged for Shadowlands beta access. Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment for the prize! We hope you enjoy seeing the other side of the veil. Here are a few choice morsels from the winners:

“I think Sylvanas wants to take over the Shadowlands “machine”. If it means getting rid of the Maw or the Arbiter or freeing the Jailer… don’t matter. “This world is a prison,” is right. What’s more, this EXISTENCE is a prison. A soul isn’t freed after death, they are bound to serve in some realm for all eternity, or suffer forever. Sylvanas, as you’ve said, will never serve anyone else again; which is a problem, because other than suffering in the Maw that’s her only other option as the system is set up now. So what’s she to do? Break the system. Tear it all down. Free Azeroth and the souls of everyone who has lived there from the cycle that will end in either servitude or suffering.”

“I think the jailer will betray Sylvanas and she will loose most of her power. It is possible that the heroes (we) have impact on that outcome. Ultimately I think we will face Sylvanas in a raid enviroment and have Arthas (who should be in the maw) finally “kill” her. That would end her character Arc.”

“As I’ve watched Afterlives: “Bastion” – an idea crossed my mind. Watching Uther’s soul being crushed by Frostmourne and seeing how one part of his soul is consumed by the sword, while the other goes to Shadowlands – made me think that the same thing could’ve happened with Sylvanas. Perhaps, part of her soul is trapped in The Jailer’s hands in Shadowlands, thus she made a deal with him in order to retrieve it. I believe he is the true villain here, while Sylvanas is a mere tool which he uses in order to reach his goals, which he has been planning to achieve since the appearance of Frostmourne and the fall of Arthas to the dark side. By the way, I hope that in Shadowlands we will be able to see Arthas atoning for his sins so he could help us defeat The Jailer. Maybe his conflict with Sylvanas will also be solved for the better and when the time comes he will help her get back the part of her shattered soul. I think that in the end Silvanas will regret her agreement with The Jailer and, despite all her evildoings, comes back to our side to help the heroes of Azeroth in the grand final.”

“For her. Death will not be the end, she will be stuck in a cell in the Maw, fused with the spirits of Garrosh and Kael’thas as torture. As the screen fades we hear the words “I did nothing wrong. This is merely a setback””

“After her braai at Teldrassil and defeating Bolvar with ease. I think out of nowhere a Legendary plate Death Bakkie will run her over… Bolvars head will pop out the window and say “Hey! I told you, there must always be a Lich King!””

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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