Xbox Series S is finally revealed after price leak

Microsoft has finally announced one of its worst-kept secrets, the Xbox Series S. This next-generation console is less powerful than the Xbox Series X and will launch for $299 in the states and 拢249.99 in the UK.

Windows Central posted images and pricing, and appears they were right on the money, leading to the official Xbox Twitter account posting at 3 am for the states. Not the best time for a reveal, but who sleeps in 2020 anyway?

Microsoft calls it the smallest Xbox ever. It has no disc drive and appears to be shorter and much slimmer than the absolute unit of the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft is offering financing options of $25/month for a Series S or $35/month for a Series X. Who wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks a month for their next console. I wouldn’t mind.

Hopefully now we will get the technical specs of this machine, which were once planned for E3 2020, when we still thought about spending time in spaces crammed up against thousands of other people.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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