Among Us hits 1.5 million concurrent players

Among Us, a party game that was released in 2018, as all about being spaceship crew and going about your day… except that some players are imposters that want to kill the crew and sabotage everything. Now, two years after launch, the game is suddenly Twitch’s number one game, with 180,000 viewers. Developers Innersloth, a team of three people, Tweeted about the popularity of the game on the weekend.

Among Us servers are filling up again! We’re hitting 1.5 million players online at the same time! We’re slowly getting the hang of things but please bear with us! We’ll get through this.”

Among Us has a free mobile version, which is where most of the players are. Still, Steam hit a peak of 182,774 players, with loads of people trying to be sneaky or paranoid, depending on their current role in the game.

It is always interesting to see how certain games can get their peak so long after release. If you have a few friends, give this a go and see what happens. Can you handle the pressure of finding the saboteur, or pretending to fix the ship while slowly turning it into a graveyard?

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