Both Xbox consoles’ prices and release date confirmed

Yesterday, after a Series S leak in the middle of the (US) night, Microsoft stepped up into high gear and quickly made it all official. While a lot of us felt the R6 999 SA price was surprisingly reasonable, others, of course, felt rather differently. Well, just a few hours later we got more confirmations… this time for their premium box – the Series X. As you can see from the image above – those of you saving up here in SA will have to fork out nearly 12k. Or in other words… the price of about 8,000 Cream-Soda-flavoured Fizzers.

Along with the price, the release date (also previously leaked) was confirmed: 10 November 2020. Unfortunately, the excellently monthly payment subscription service Xbox All Access will not (at least yet) be coming to SA. Although, it was announced that EA Play would now be part of Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost. And yet again – it shines as just the best value-for-money video game-related service out there.

So now that Xbox has flinched in the ridiculous game of price-reveal chicken with Sony – we can’t wait to see what the PS5 prices will be like. I suspect the mainline console will be relatively close in price (perhaps within a $50 (higher or lower) compared to the Series X. The Digital version may be quite different to the Series S though (at least that’s what the more technically-inclined brains here at SA Gamer are saying), so keep an eye for that in the next few days or so…

In the meantime here’s a breakdown of the two Xbox console specs:

Image Courtesy: Xbox
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