Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer has the old mini-map and no specialists

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer component has been revealed in detail, and there are a few things from the last few games that aren’t making the cut.

The specialists of Black Ops 4, which were pretty divisive due to their ability to impact the battlefield, are nowhere to be seen. Similarly, Cold War goes back to the default mini-map, after Modern Warfare attempted something different with the mini-map’s availability and the showing of gunfire. Now all players can see non-suppressed gunfire on their mini-maps.

Get ready to head into battle as CIA, MI6 or the KGB, operating in the Black Sea, Angolan deserts, Miami and Moscow.

New modes include a 6v6 VIP Escort, 12v12 Combined Arms and a 40-player mode called Fireteam, where 10 teams fight across maps that are large enough for land, sea and air vehicles. Get ready to complete objectives and try to be the best squad.

Get ready for the Create-a-Class system making a return, but with a slot-based loadout system. Also score is not lost on death, making Scorestreaks more accessible. To counteract score being saved up, Scorestreaks go on a cooldown once used.

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