Your copy of Borderlands 3 will upgrade to next-gen for free, new skill trees incoming

During PAX Online, Gearbox Software revealed a bunch of information about Borderlands 3. First of all, the game is heading to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Players that already own a copy of the game on Xbox One or PS4 will get a free upgrade to play on next-gen consoles. This includes all of your DLC purchases, and your saves can be taken across too, meaning you don’t need to start from scratch. The game is said to run at 4K 60 fps in single-player on Xbox Series X and PS5.

There are also new skill trees on the way for the Vault Hunters, with FL4K’s “Trapper” tree being showcased. FL4K and their pets will get more shields and survivability in this tree, and a new Action Skill called Gravity Snare tosses enemies into the air before slamming them down. This effect also interrupts attacks, giving FL4K some crowd control. Oh and FL4K gets a Loaderbot companion. Go Loaderbot!

For those who enjoy couch co-op, Borderlands 3 is getting the option to split the screen vertically if you so desire. Also on next-gen, four-player local co-op is possible.

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