BPM: Bullets Per Minute combines rhythm games with FPS action

Sometimes you just want to shoot things without worrying too much about anything else. If that sounds like your thing, and you wouldn’t mind some rock to go with the action, then BPM: Bullets Per Minute might be something you want to check out.

Get ready to shoot, reload, dodge and jump to the beat as you travel through various dungeons. As a mighty valkyrie, you are tasked with laying waste to hordes of enemies, and looking cool is a must.

Dealing with the various attacks of enemies in a roguelike already has its own learning curve, now you need to work out how to do it all to the beat. Each weapon has its own cadence that needs to be learned. When do you shoot or reload? Hope you have a good sense of rhythm to work it all out.

Awe Interactive’s roguelike is available now on Steam and GOG. Let’s get rocking.

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