PS5 will cost R12K (R10K – Digital Edition) and will launch on the 19th of November here in SA

Thankfully, as most of the world was expecting, Sony finally revealed the price and launch date for their new console line during the PS5 Showcase event last night. While predictions varied before the reveal – many of the analysts ‘in-the-know’ correctly foresaw that the mainline PS5 console would come in at R12 000 and that the Digital Edition would cost R 2000 less – i.e. R 10 000. The US costs come in at $499 and $399 respectively – and so once again we notice how things like import duties, taxes, insurance, the weakened Rand, the global pandemic, the cut for local distributors and more affect local pricing.

While some territories will also get their hands on the new console on the 12th of November, we’ll have to wait an extra week until the 19th. While the PS5 matches the pricing of the Xbox Series X – the most interesting price reveal was of the disk-less edition. Despite coming in at $100 more than the Series S, the $399 price point will make it quite attractive for Sony fans a little strapped for cash. Also, other than the lack of the disk drive (so no Blu-Rays or other physical media etc) the PS5 Digital Edition is the same box – and so computing power, graphics and the like will apparently be exactly the same as its bigger brother. Seen in that light – it could be argued that it actually provides much better value for money than the slimmed-down Series S – especially in an age whether digital downloads are on the increase.

Interestingly, Sony also made a move to seemingly combat the wild success of Game Pass while simultaneously padding their PS5 launch lineup by announcing the PlayStation Plus Collection. This new part of their subscription service will allow PS5 owners to download several of the biggest PS4 hits including God Of War, Bloodborne and Final Fantasy XV. The small print does indicate that games will vary depending on territory though so we’ll have to keep an eye for more info on that.

And of course, we know that there was also some awesome gameplay reveals, unexpected exclusive announcements and even a surprise tease for the sequel to one of 2018’s biggest games during the Showcase so keep your eyes on SA Gamer for our breakdown of those too. In the meantime what do you think about the Sony’s pricing? Which console (if any) will you be looking to purchase? Let us know in the comments section below…

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