The Shadowlands Afterlives short for Revendreth is exquisite villainy

Even in worlds of magic and dragons, demonic invasions and great cosmic forces, there will be some stories that ring true with reality in a way that you just sit and marvel at how the more things change, the more things stay the same.

In World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion, the realms of death have a terrible drought. And while drought means everyone needs to knuckle down and try a bit harder and do without, there is something so grounded in reality about the latest and final Afterlives short.

Revendreth’s Eternal One, Sire Denathrius, is penning a statement to the people of his realm. He talks about the drought and the pressures it puts on everyone, and how everyone must sacrifice for the greater good. Yet the images we see show what that truly means. While austerity measures are in place, the poorer members of society suffer and become desperate, while the bourgeoisie continue to party and enjoy anima in abundance. The poor who attempt to avoid handing in their stipend are labelled the true enemy here, sent to die a terrible death as the Light burns them.

Meanwhile, a very proudful character is kept in the basement by the Sire, where their pride is siphoned off as anima.

A leader that lies to the poor to serve the rich, all while appealing to their desire for the greater good and a need for absolute faith? Too real, isn’t it. Sire Denathrius needs a good kick in the pants.

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