Nvidia says sorry for RTX 3080 disastrous launch

Last week, Nvidia launched their highly anticipated RTX 3080 graphics cards, but it didn’t go off quite as smoothly as they had hoped. Online retailers and their own store were flooded with bots buying up the GPUs. The bots were buying up the graphics cards and then reselling them for exorbitant prices to people who couldn’t get their hands on it.

Nvidia has now apologised for the whole debacle, saying that despite preparation, the store couldn’t handle the traffic load:

At least they’re not alone in having a bit of a messy launch for their new hardware since we had the same sort of mess for Sony’s PS5 Pre-Orders. Hopefully Microsoft gets it right when the Xbox Series X and Series S goes on Pre-Order tomorrow. Third time’s a charm, right?

Source: Gamespot

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