Sony apologises for disastrous PS5 pre-orders

Image Source: Sony/@videogamedeals

Last week we finally got the price reveal for the Xbox Series X and S, as well as the PS5. And while we’re all very happy that we finally have a price so (those of us that can afford it) can start to plan, unfortunately, the PS5 pre-ordering process was a bit of a fiasco. Despite being told that clear messaging would come before PS5 pre-orders went live, a series of them went live last Wednesday (A day before they were supposed to). And once the flood gates were open – every retailer jumped in – opening their available stock for pre-order. So many lost out – with particularly the PS5 Digital Edition selling out within minutes if not seconds.

It was a similar story here in SA with people unsure about where and when to pre-order. However, our purchase base is much smaller and so depending on what online retailer you finally chose (or found in desperation) – it seems those that wanted to did manage to pre-order. However, in the US, in particular, it was a bit of a PR disaster and even Microsoft managed to poke fun at Sony – sending tweets, and other messaging with very clear pre-order times, at just about the time when PS5 ordering issues were hitting the social media airwaves.

However, it does seem Sony got the hint. And this weekend they (somewhat uncharacteristically) tweeted out an apology for the pre-order issues and even promised that more stock would soon be made available for those that missed out:

Of course, the cynic in us (or perhaps the realist) may say that it may not be as much of a disaster as Sony would like to make it out to be. Seeing sold-out signs pop up everywhere and pre-orders disappear in minutes makes the already sought-after system seem to be in even higher demand and even harder-to-find. And people never want to ‘miss out’. So don’t shed a tear for Sony just yet.

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