Xbox One X sees a massive spike amid Series X pre-orders

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S Pre-Orders went live yesterday, and while it went relatively smoothly compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders, it wasn’t without hiccups. One curious thing that did happen however was a massive spike in sales of Microsoft’s current flagship console, the Xbox One X.

As pointed out by Andrew Alerts on Twitter, the Xbox One X saw an increase on it’s Amazon sales rank by 747% on the same day the Series X Pre-Orders went live, which begs the question: Why?

Some are speculating that it could be due to Microsoft’s naming convention for their consoles with One X and Series X looking rather similar, especially for the untrained eye of parents or loved ones who don’t know the difference. It is also possible that it simply was people deciding to get a One X now rather than a Series X because of it being cheaper and them wanting to get in on the action.

Either way, it is good for Microsoft’s sales figures of the One X, unless some unhappy customers start returning the console when they realise their “Series X” arrived a lot earlier than expected.

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