Amazon announces its own cloud gaming service called Luna

As spotted on The Verge, yesterday Amazon threw their hat into the video-game ring by announcing their cloud subscription service – Luna. The announcement came during Amazon’s 2020 hardware event. According to the article, the service will cost $5.99 a month (just over R100 currently) at least at first and will be available on their own Amazon Fire TV as well as PC, Mac, iPhone and iPads… and eventually on Android devices too. Americans can request early access, however, as explained in the piece the roll out to other countries was not mentioned.

Subscribers will be able “to play Luna+ channel games across two devices simultaneously [in] 4K / 60fps resolution for “select titles””. There will apparently be over 100 games available at launch and they will apparently be divided into some sort of ‘channel’ system. An example of this is the special Ubisoft-specific ‘channel’ where titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, and Immortals: Fenyx Rising will be available in 4K when they become available. Amazon also revealed a special Luna Controller (as pictured below) which will apparently connect directly to the cloud – enabling a lower-latency experience.

So what do you think? Is Amazon Luna going to make any waves? Or will it go the way of Stadia – which at least for now seems to be whimpering to death? Surely, Game Pass on PC is just a better offer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Picture Courtesy: The Verge
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