Nvidia’s woes continue with more RTX card crashes reported

Nvidia hasn’t had the smoothest of rides with the launch of their RTX 30 series cards. First, it was instantly sold out and numerous stores crashed due to too much traffic from bots and scalpers, meaning many excited customers couldn’t get their hands on it. Now it seems that even those that did get their hand on it, aren’t much better off with more and more cards being reported as crashing.

The big issue appears to be related to a certain 6-capacitor configuration which cannot handle power draw when Nvidia’s own Nvidia Boost kicks in, which is a sort of built-in overclocking feature baked into Nvidia’s cards. This isn’t the case with all the cards from all the third party manufacturers, and it was revealed that a configuration of 6 cheaper POSCAPs capacitors is the main cause. Using a configuration of smaller MLCC capacitors seems to sort the problem out, but this a lot more expensive. A good place to go and find out more is a YouTube video by JayzTwoCents:

Exactly who is at fault here isn’t yet known, as we don’t know the specs sent by Nvidia to the different third party manufacturers. It is possible that manufacturers are cutting corners to save costs, or Nvidia didn’t detail this in specs for the new cards.

Here in South Africa, we have been mostly spared by these issues due to shortage of stock with very limited numbers making their way into SA gaming rigs at the moment.

Source: Igor’s LAB

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