The first hands-on Xbox Series X previews are in and they’re very positive

As you may have noticed yesterday, the first hands-on impressions of the Xbox Series X went live. A few lucky people have had the opportunity to test out the new system. And while they clearly can’t yet talk about everything… some stand out features were echoed across almost all the articles I had a look at and so I thought it would be useful to provide a quick summary of some of those here. I have to be honest and say that Twitter user @Nibellion has an awesome thread that pointed me to several articles and their findings which I used extensively to compile the list below so please do check them out – and really if you’re into video games it is an account I would suggest following. So here goes… here’s a list of six things most previews agree on:

  • Loading times are substantially shorter
  • The new controller changes are minimal but not insignificant
  • Despite the 1TB size – there’s just over 800GB of usable space on the SSD
  • Quick Resume is a real standout
  • Game Performance has been upgraded substantially including for back-catalogue games that haven’t specifically been optimised for the new console
  • It’s super quiet – at least while playing Xbox One games

So as you can see above – it seems to all be very good news. Unfortunately, one small thing I did notice is that almost every outlet spoke (very specifically) only about these few points above. Even the titles of the articles and videos were similar. So other than very obvious ‘general positivity’ – it was hard to glean more in-depth opinions. However, I’m assuming this was due to some very tight and specific embargo and preview regulations (which I can definitely understand). And we were promised more info coming soon – so keep your eyes peeled for more on that front.

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