EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the 10th of November

We’ve known about this for a few weeks now, but it seems yesterday we got our first official confirmation about the date. Yes, EA Play will become part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions (on consoles) as from the 10th of November (according to Tom Warren, writing for The Verge). Obviously, as the article points out this is perfect timing so as to coincide with a little event called the launch of the Xbox Series S and X.

Interestingly, Warren also explains that for those that already own subscriptions to EA Play on top of their Game Pass Ultimate subscription, Microsoft is offering to cancel those EA subscriptions and giving you extra Ultimate credits at roughly the ratio of three (months) to one i.e. for every three months you had left of your EA Play subscription – you will be credited for one month extra of the Game Pass Ultimate sub. It’s a bit complicated but you can find all the details here on Microsoft’s FAQ page.

As I’ve stated so many time before – this just adds to the amazing value that Game Pass already provides. This will only available to the top tier ‘Ultimate’ subscriptions (who pay $14.99 a month) and we know that EA isn’t everyone’s favourite publisher at the moment. But there’s no doubt that the benefit of getting access to an apparently “more than 60” games and knowing that the list includes huge titles like FIFA, The Sims and even recent Star Wars games – makes it seriously tempting.

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