Nintendo oddly changes its mind again, but at least you can keep skipping

Did you even know Jump Rope Challenge existed? Well, back in June Nintendo shadow dropped this small fitness game on the eShop. It was apparently made by some Nintendo devs during the height of the pandemic to encourage all of us to move around a bit more, especially if we were stuck at home. It was a nice, simple idea – use the Joy-Cons as the skipping rope handles and hit a pre-determined jump target daily. Good. Over time they also added some cool Nintendo character skins but it stayed mostly that simple, healthy first-party app/game we (probably) ignored.

Now, it may seem a little odd that we’re even covering this game again in our daily news bits. However, something a little odd recently happened with the game (read: ‘Nintendo did a very Nintendo thing’). And out of the blue, just a few weeks ago, Nintendo made the strange announcement that the game would be removed from the eShop… And if that wasn’t arbitrary enough, just yesterday (the day it was due to disappear) we then unexpectedly got this tweet:

Yup, it would now be staying. At least for the foreseeable future. Of course, this is all a little meaningless but it does make you wonder – One, why this game would be removed in the first place and two, why it would suddenly come back. Now, I know people would say it’s just not that popular, wasn’t bringing Nintendo any revenue and was theoretically taking up space… However, this game was always meant as a free game and was a little ‘goodwill gesture’ if anything. COVID is still around and surely this game is insignificant in the grand ‘space’ scheme of things. So why remove it at all? And even if we concede that that’s why it was to be removed – why now, the sudden u-turn? I understand the tweets says that ‘new jumpers’ joined, but I’m sure at least some of them were players that decided to download the ‘unicorn’ game upon hearing it was to be removed. And even then, surely this wasn’t like a million people, right? Was there really a sudden outcry for it to stay?

I can’t really make heads or tails of it. Anyway – as I said above, I’ve decided to just chalk it down to ‘Nintendo being Nintendo’. And who knows maybe this means they’ll change their mind about ‘other limited-time availability games’ out there too (hint hint nudge nudge)…

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