Minecraft’s next update is all about Caves & Cliffs

Minecraft’s focus this year was the Nether, with all new biomes, creatures and reasons to go mining and exploring the other side. Next year you won’t need to go through a portal to see the changes, but you might want to grab your best pickaxe and a few torches.

In Summer 2021 (US), Microsoft aims to introduce the next big content update to the game. Normally the team aims for a Christmas time update, but apparently the update is so big it needs more time.

“This is a massive update with a large variety of features to truly have something for all players, and we’re excited to release it for all supported platforms next summer. Due to the massive size of the update, the team needs more time to work on it than usual, which is why there will not be a traditional game update this holiday,” Mojang said during Minecraft Live.

Get ready to find new caves in the update, with new items, mobs and things to mine. The game is finally getting copper ore, which will be used to craft lightning rod blocks and other things. Crystal geodes will also be lurking in caves, but finding one will be a challenge as Mojang describes them as “near-mystical”. Fortune hunters and stalwart miners will be rewarded with being able to build telescopes.

The caves will feature stalactites and stalagmites which will hurt you if you touch them. The caves themselves will feature more variety too, from large underground lakes to underground waterfalls and giant cavernous openings.

An archeology system is in the works, which will let you dust off artefacts, if you happen to find one in your travels.

Defending all of this are new mobs, like The Warden. This enemy detects movement… so good luck dealing with that.

Above ground, the cliffs will look a bit more like an actual mountain, and mountain goats can be found trotting and jumping around. Just be careful you don’t upset them, or they might knock you off a mountain.

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