Want to play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s beta this weekend?

It is nearly Call of Duty time again, with Black Ops Cold War around the corner. There is an early access beta weekend starting tomorrow for those that pre-ordered the game for the PS4. But maybe you want to get in on the action and didn’t pre-order. Maybe you are playing it on a completely different platform. Whatever your reason, we have five keys to give away so that you can get to popping heads and killstreaks.

To enter, you just need to fill in this super easy form. Be quick about it though, because we will be drawing the winners tomorrow so that the lucky five can start their downloads and be ready for when the “weekend” starts at 7 pm tomorrow night.

Black Ops Cold War PS4 beta

Hitting level 10 in the beta will receive an SMG blueprint when the game launches.

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