What’s your under-the-radar ‘Game of the Year’ contender?

I suppose in some ways – 2020 has been the “longest year” many of us have ever experienced. I don’t know about you, but personally, thanks to the pandemic, lockdown, isolation, deaths of close friends and family and general madness in the world, this year seems to have lasted well over 12 months already. That being said – in terms of the video game calendar – I can’t believe we’re now well into October and in less than two months, GOTY discussions will be well underway. So with the goal of staying positive and hopefully trying something new in the next 60 days or so, I thought I’d pose the following question: What’s your under-the-radar Game of the Year contender?

Now, we already know all the big names that will be there for the normal GOTY discussions. So I’m hoping for something a little different. A little Indie gem or otherwise smaller game that you haven’t heard many people talking about or seen many reviews for… but that came out this year, you happened to try and absolutely loved. The game that most of us have missed, the ‘sleeper hit’ – that’s what we’re looking for. Perhaps, if you make a big enough fuss about it now – the SA Gamer team and, ideally, also the readers will have a chance to seek it out and give it a go and hopefully put a smile on their face before the year is done.

So let’s hear it… What’s your under-the-radar 2020 ‘Game of the Year’ contender?

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