PlayStation is changing the way Trophy levelling works

Trophies have been part of the PlayStation ecosystem since they were introduced to PlayStation 3 in the mid-2000s. Since then, we’ve seen very little change to how trophies are earned, and how players level up so to speak.

Trophies score will now be calculated differently that will be more rewarding to the player, giving them ultimately a higher score. Traditionally, the trophy scores ran from 1 – 100, but that now changes to a much higher 1 -999, with a Platinum earning you a whopping 999 points. What this means is that if you have a Trophy level of 12, you will go all the way up to the low 200s according to PlayStation.

PlayStation is also changing the Icon of your Trophy level depending on where you are, ranking it from Bronze to Platinum:

  • Bronze: levels 1-299
  • Silver: levels 300 – 599
  • Gold: levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum: level 999

All Trophies earned up until now will be recalculated, and can be viewed on all PlayStation platforms that support trophies, including the website, PS App, as well as current and legacy consoles. The update should go live any time during the course of today, so we can probably expect a system update for the PS4.

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