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Bugsnax, whoo hoo! Wait, that’s the Ducktales theme song. Let me get the real one stuck in your head. Can’t have you reading about this game in a bad mental state, now can we?

Let’s get down to brass snax! The creative director for Young Horses, the company behind this weirdly wonderful creation, Kevin Zhun, has announced that Bugsnax will be releasing for the PS4 and PS5 on the 12th of November. This will coincide with the highly anticipated release of the new console, making it a launch title!

Now that the “when?” has been dealt with, let’s get into the “who?” of Bugsnax. Personally, finding out who voices characters is one of the things I enjoy a lot. So much so that I tend to try and make a game out of it, which I thought we can play together!

Watch this video, hear the voices, and see the actors’ faces and names. Then try and guess what character you know them from. Ok, ready? Go!

I know this is a little silly, but it’s Friday and this game is rather amusing sometimes, so only read the next bit if your brain is rattled raw for some of the answers. I couldn’t possibly cover all of them since I’m not IMDB, but I suggest you look up the rest!

  • Helen Sadler Lizbert – If you watched Love, Death, and Robots, then you’d definitely recognise Helen’s voice. She set the stage for the rest of the mini series as Sonnie. She also starred in Star Wars: The Old Republic as Commander Anri, and a few other new SW franchise additions.
  • Barbara GoodsonClumbyFinal Fantasy fans might recognise Barbara’s voice but would probably not be able to place it. She portrayed Queen Marle in the new Final Fantasy VII Remake. She has an extremely long list of voices she’s done over the years, but if you’re into anime then you’ve definitely heard Barbara’s voice before!
  • Max MittelmanFilbo – Another one for the Final Fantasy fans! This time it’s the voice of Red XIII. Other projects he’s been involved in include Death Stranding (The Paleontologist), Borderlands 3 (Troy Calypso) and Aggretsuko (Resasuke).
  • Sam RiegelGramble – I didn’t have to look this one up, honestly. Sam has been involved in so many projects it’s difficult to find one he didn’t have a hand in. He’s instantly known as one of the main characters in Critical Role (Nott, The Brave), but also the new Ducktales, Guild Wars 2 (Braham Eirrson), and The Last of Us (The Infected).
  • Rick ZieffCromdo – As we go on we’ll hit the not-any-less-important-but-lesser-known actors, and Rick is one of them. He voiced Dario Rosso in Resident Evil 3, and Caligo Ulldor in Final Fantasy XV.
  • Fryda WolffEggabell – Fryda might seem familiar to you if you’ve watched Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts (as Dahlia) on Netflix, and played any amount of Apex Legends (Loba).

This is just a sample of the talent we’re going to experience when Bugsnax finally launches next month, and it excites me! For more behind the scenes info on the game, and how they recorded the voices, go over to this developer’s post.

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