League of Legends reveals a new champion and leads in a new event

You’re probably a little tired of seeing League of Legends on your newsfeed now that the World Championships are well underway. But, as is tradition, during this time Riot has announced a new event for all the games set in the LoL universe.

Titled the K/DA ALL OUT: Comeback event, it will introduce event-themed cosmetics to Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends. We also get to officially meet the new champion, Seraphine, after months of teasers on social media.

Seraphine isn’t a normal new addition to the champ roster. This is actually a collaboration between an “artist” and Riot, where she teams-up K/DA for a special occasion. However, if you go look at all of Seraphine’s social accounts, they’re as new as “made in June 2020”. Which makes it obvious that this whole thing is orchestrated, something I don’t find shocking at all.

This social media persona plays in perfectly to her back story of “bedroom artist turned popstar”. Hailing from Piltover, Seraphine uses Hextech in her mic, which is technology that works off of soul-filled crystals. These crystals are also where her powers stem from, as she hears the souls inside the crystals and uses empathetic resonance with their song to control her powers.

K/DA All Out Seraphine will be her (ultimate) launch skin

Seraphine is set-up to be a supportive mage champ with abilities like Stage Presence (passive), High Note (Q), Surround Sound (W), Beat Drop (E) and Encore (R). All very appropriately named skills for yet another music-based character.

If you’re not the biggest League fan, but don’t mind the bops Riot have been producing recently then you’ll be pleased to know that there are 5 songs in total on the release schedule for the year. One of which, The Baddest, has already released if you missed it.

As for the other announcement; the LoL ranked season ends on the 9th of November so get those matches in to earn those rewards. The more you climb during this season, the more you score and with a Victorious Lucian skin up for grabs you better get to grinding.

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