New Two Point Hospital DLC is all about the arts

Two Point Hospital is a bit of a local favourite here at SA Gamer. If you missed our original review you can find here – Abigail scored it an “Amazing” 9 out of 10. You’ll notice that it has often popped up in our news feeds since then, and we’re always excited to hear what’s coming next. And, yesterday, the new Culture Shock DLC pack (for Steam) was announced – it is available to pre-purchase now and will be going live on the 20th of October 2020.

According to the announcement Two Point Studios news article, the DLC will feature 36 new illnesses and 12 new visual illnesses (the most of any of the DLC previously released). The new pack will also take a little bit of a different spin – as it’s all themed around arts and culture. As explained in the article:

Two Point County is having an artistic crisis. The creative world is bereft of ideas. Culture is drying up, and nothing is left but a crusty nubbin and an uninspiring husk… Fortunately, you’re on hand to answer the call of artist-in-residence Zara Fitzpocket, chief guardian of all things arty and the county’s very own culture vulture, as she seeks to resuscitate the music scene, the silver screen and all artwork in between…

Once again it looks hilariously odd and we’re sure it will be a first on many a Steam download list next week. If you’re a console player though – their DLC packs are still a little away and if you’re looking for some specific details check out this page for more info.

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