Playing DOOM Eternal on a fridge, I kid you not

Remember the days when it was all the rage to be able to play DOOM on a scientific calculator? Well, it seems we’re well past that now since this guy managed to fire it up on his Samsung Smart Fridge.

Richard Mallard (vapingwithtwisted420) posted on Instagram how he fires up DOOM Enteral on a Samsung Smart Fridge and play it using an Xbox Controller. But unlike the hacks and clever programing needed to get a game to work on a calculator, he simply streamed it to the Fridge using Xbox Gamespass Ultimate.

Mallard later explains in a YouTube video that he basically streamcasts the game to the fridge’s tablet using his Samsung smartphone, which supports Gamepass Ultimate. Now, this application for the service is completely unnecessary, but it does show the potential of Microsoft’s streaming platform.

Xbox Game Streaming on Android devices is still in Preview and isn’t available in South Africa yet.

Source: Polygon

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