Blame the fan for the PS5’s size

After seeing a bunch of new Xbox’s in the wild last week, we’re slowly also starting to see the odd PS5. However, probably our best look at it came in last week’s PlayStation 5 teardown video. And if you missed the video itself, you probably caught the dozens of memes there exploded on social media shortly afterwards all commenting on just how ridiculously large the new console is. We know the Xbox Series X isn’t tiny either – but the PS5 will tower above all the other devices currently sitting on your TV Stand. And you may be wondering – why it is as chonky as it is…

Well, you may have guessed it… it has a lot to do with that giant cooling propellor err… fan. According to Yasuhiro Ootori, the PS5’s Mechanical and Thermal Design Engineer (in Nikkei Xtech as covered on IGN), the big 45mm fan and keeping both sides of the PS5 cool are the reason for the girth. If you go back to the video – you’ll actually notice the monster fan quite easily.

So looks like we can blame the fan. Then again, if its big but also cool and quiet… I say bring on the chonk!

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