Steve’s Smash Bros. Ultimate victory pose is pretty meaty

Sometimes something happens in a video game and everyone lets out a small chuckle, like they are a teenager again. The latest example of this is Minecraft’s Steve when he wins a match in Smash Bros. Ultimate. How did it get by so many people without anyone pointing out what it looks like?

When Steve is done with a match, he has several animations that can play. One is super boring: he stands up as the announcer calls his name. In another he builds a house pretty quickly and then exits the house. If you use his Final Smash knockout, you see Steve walling someone into a dark room full of TNT and Creepers. Ouch.

But the one that really takes the cake is where Steve has a bite to eat. When he is done, his right hand lowers, still holding the steak, and suddenly it looks like a big pixelated slab of Steve’s meat.

Thanks to @Nintendeal for spotting this. And yes, it is real. And to think I have played Minecraft for hundreds of hours without seeing Steve this happy.

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