Cyberpunk 2077 dives into fashion and fast cars

CD Projekt’s Night City Wire series aired its fourth episode last night and this time it is all about the clothing and fashion of those living in Night City, as well as the various bikes and cars that people use to get around, and that we will get to drive around in next month.

Vehicles can be stolen or purchased, and then can be summoned anywhere for a joy ride or to get from A to B. The vehicles fall into various categories, from Economy clunkers to Executive, Heavy Duty, Sport and Hypercars. Everything from a pick-up truck through to a 1977 Porsche 911 or a tank, these vehicles can boast armour, lidar arrays or just look absolutely rad. If you are up to it, the city has a love for racing, with different parts of the city requiring a different approach. While you might street race in style inside the city, you might want something armoured to race through the Badlands.

If cars and motorbikes aren’t your thing, maybe you care more about the various outfits and styles you can rock while strutting your stuff on the street? The fashion of the city falls into four categories. There is Kitsch, where fashion is more important than function; Entropism, where people wear just about whatever they can scrounge up; Neomilitarism, where everybody looks deadly and slick and Neokitsch, which takes Kitsch and dials it up to 11, for the ultra-rich and celebrities.

Cyberpunk 2077 is heading our way on 19 November for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, Stadia and PC.

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