Sony reveals the UI for the PlayStation 5… FINALLY!

We are about a month away from the highly anticipated next-generation launch, and strangely enough, Sony has been rather quiet about what the experience on PlayStation 5 will be like. Well, that is no longer the case with them giving us a sneak peek into the new User Experience for the upcoming console.

From what we can see is that the super-fast SSD that the console boasts certainly has a huge impact on how you interact with the different features. A cool feature is being able to straight launch into the console’s “Control Centre” from Rest and immediately start playing a game, which is in the background if you left it right there.

The Control Centre has a system of cards that you use to see Screenshots you’ve taken, see what other games your friends are playing, or see the progress of different activities in the game, which can even come with built-in hints and guides. You can also instantly jump from one game to another if you want to join your friends who started playing online. You can also view their game shares as a sort of overlay while still playing your own game.

The UI looks fresh and clean, and even though it functions differently, it still feels familiar with the sort of bar menu that we’ve been used to since the PS3. The difference now is that it doesn’t fill up the whole screen anymore as it has been moved to the top left area. The PS Store is also built directly into the UI and doesn’t operate as a separate app anymore. Games and Media have also been split into two separate sections, which gives it a bit more organised feel.

Overall, it looks impressive, but obviously, the proof is in the pudding and we won’t know if it is actually good until we get our hands on it later this year.

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