NBA 2K21 has added unskippable adverts to the game one month after release

Sometimes, game developers and publishers wait for a month or so before adding in features that would impact reviews and the discussion around games. It is… problematic in the least and downright dishonest at the worst, as these elements would often cause review scores to be lower or even cause some would-be players to not buy the game.

The latest game to employ this tactic and try slip something big in after the fact? 2K’s NBA 2K21. If you hop in the game now, you will be subjected to unskippable in-game adverts during pre-game loading screens, regardless of platform.

This video by Stevivor shows how an advert for Oculus Quest 2 takes up a good portion of time. You can see the loading bar in the bottom right-hand corner, but it doesn’t seem to matter if you finish loading quickly, say by playing the game on an SSD. You still need to watch that advert.

2K used a similar strategy for NBA 2K20, which attracted the ire of players. NBA 2K20 added some controversial elements, like a slot machine mini-game and a wheel of fortune mini-game, which got dangerously close to the promotion of gambling, to the point that PEGI released a statement and the game got review bombed.

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