The launch of the PS5 will see the end of P.T

We all remember that ugly fight between Hideo Kojima and Konami that resulted in the game director being fired and Konami essentially getting rid of anything he was involved with.

One casualty of that skirmish was Silent Hill, a horror game that was set to be published and released by Konami, as well as its fantastic demo P.T. The demo is considered as one of the best ever made as it scared the crap out of everyone who played it. Unfortunately, it was pulled from the PlayStation Store and the only way you can still play the game is if it is still installed on a PS4. You can’t even redownload it.

There were some speculations that P.T will be saved due to the backwards compatibility of the PS5, but unfortunately, Konami confirmed to Gamesradar, that is won’t be the case as it won’t be compatible with the next-gen console. This is a major pity and will finally grant Konami their wish of ridding themselves of Kojima’s work from their portfolio. P.T will still be available on PS4 obviously, but who’s going to be playing on that come mid-November?

Source: GamesRadar 

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