Xbox One is getting remote play on iOS

If you are in the habit of needing to be away from whichever room you have your consoles in, the latest version of the Xbox App will let you access your Xbox One for remote play in iOS and Android.

The iOS version of the app had been lagging behind the Android one, with remote play support finally hitting Apple devices. Now Xbox One users can stream their games to their iOS devices, either across the internet or the same network.

Remote play works for Xbox One and Xbox Series games, but not Xbox 360 or original Xbox titles running in backwards compatibility. You can also use the app to pre-install games, even games you haven’t purchased yet. You can also get an install going, or upload your captured video and images.

You can also use the app to chat with friends, over voice or text.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, head over here for the Android version, or the iOS version.

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