2K says those unskippable adverts were a mistake or something

Recently 2K came under fire for NBA 2K21 featuring unskippable adverts, added in a month after launch, which is generally long after the review scores have already been decided for the title.

This week a Tweet went out saying that the team is aware that it “impacted our players’ experience in a way we didn’t intend”, as if anyone is going to believe that the company thought people would happily accept unskippable adverts in their premium priced game.

The worst is that the tweet doesn’t even address the adverts being unskippable or how absolutely greedy it is to run adverts in a game that goes for full price, or even more for next-gen systems. Instead, they apologise for the ads running in the pre-game introduction, and remind players that adverts were in previous games.

You know, because the basis for any argument that starts with “oh, it was like this before, or that is how it always was” generally supports very little weight.

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