Luigi unlockable in Super Mario Bros. 35?

According to Twitter user @CombotronRobot (as first spotted on Nintendo Life) it seems Luigi is an unlockable, playable character in Nintendo’s new online battle-royale style Mario game Super Mario Bros. 35. If you read through the thread – it seems that not everyone is quite convinced that this video is real. However, a few other players have seemingly confirmed that Luigi can indeed be unlocked. There are several loops to go through, however.

First, it seems you will have had to have gone past the 99th rank (and therefore be a ‘star-rank’) player. Second, you may also have to have unlocked all levels within the game, with some players saying you also have to beat each of those unlocked levels. I’m interested to know whether this means you will also have to have come first at some point in this wild run but nobody has stipulated that. The final step is apparently related to the timing of pressing the ‘L’ button. With some saying it should be held for the duration of the game load and others saying it only needs to be pressed during the stage selection screen.

It would be great if this is true. And if there is anyone out there that can confirm this please let us know. I’ll be doing my best to do the same – but as I’m still several levels a way – I may be a while. But, you know what they say… “Lets-a-go!”

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