Amplitude’s Humankind is aiming for an April 2021 release

Amplitude, the studio that breathed some life into the 4X genre with Endless Legend and Endless Space, revealed a release window for Humankind, which looks like possible competition for the Civilization series.

Humankind is aiming for an April 2021 release for Steam, Epic and Google Stadia. The game has a playable demo too, but it is only on Stadia, which helps us about as much as turning a tap on when the room is flooded.

Humankind is trying to prevent the normal endgame slog that 4X titles suffer from by making every part of your history matter. Did your nation become a cultural superpower early on? Those achievements will matter in the end, not just whoever had the biggest stick.

Between making your own Civ, tactical combat and changing the focus from endgame only, Humankind looks like it will bring a nice host of options to the table.

Hopefully there is a non-Stadia demo at some point.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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